In this year I moved from Sweden to Canada, and the back to Kunshan, China, where I started working at Duke Kunshan University. I also got a girlfriend recently. πŸ˜„ (2022 Update – The relationship didn’t last long. 😒)

Although occasionally I had a bit egg or diary products when there is no choice, this year I am still mostly a vegan. This has been one of the best decisions of my entire life.

And I have kept more or less my promise of donating. Here’s a breakup of my donation of this year.

Category Sum - Amount in CAD
Animal Welfare 43.17
Climate Change 914.54
Gift 50.41
Global Health 914.78
Open-source Software 99.3
Total Result 2022.2

So in total, I donated 2022 CAD, which is about 1386 EUR, or 1568 USD, or 9923 CNY. My aim for 2022 is to increase that by 50%. πŸ˜‰