Past Courses

Below are lists of courses which I taught or will teach. Including, lecture slides, quizzes and exams. You are free to use any material I created for teaching without any restrictions. See links below.

💡 Materials for a course will only be made public once it has come to an conclusion.

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Linear Algebra


Uppsala University (2016-2020)

For my teaching at Uppsala University, see here.


Here are some frequently asked questions about my courses.

I’m on the waiting list of your course, can you increase the number of enrolled students?


Due to the high demand, we have to adhere strictly to enrollment limits to ensure the quality of instruction and interaction remains high for all participants.

The course is offered regularly, and I encourage you to enroll at the next available opportunity. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for some spots to open up in the first week as students adjust their schedules. I recommend placing yourself on the waiting list.