Why Buddhism is True

What Stoicism can learn from Buddhism?

Having recently read through Robert Wright’s book ‘Why Buddhism is True,’ I was impressed by Buddhism’s intricate comprehension of human psychology. While the book doesn’t directly set Buddhism against Stoicism, my previous exposure to Stoic made me see how the two philosophies could complement each other. Stoicism, particularly its modern interpretations, claims that achieving eudaimonia - the good life - implies “living according to one’s nature.” Stoics define our nature as being “social and rational....

July 15, 2023 · Xing Shi Cai

Why modern Stoics should read some Peter Singer

I’d like to thank Dr. Gregory Sadler for helpful comments on this post. \toc Who is Peter Singer? <center> Peter Singer at The College of New Jersey, Oct 2009.<br/> Bbsrock, <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>, via Wikimedia Commons. </center> I consider myself a follower of Stoicism philosophy. In recent years, I have read attentively ancient Roman Stoics as well as modern Stoic writers. Their inspiring words have helped me tremendously in dealing with everyday challenges....

July 22, 2021 · Xing Shi Cai

Letter to a Young Friend -- The Course of the Universe

Note: I wrote this in May 2021. Things in the world seem to have taken another down turn. That’s why it is even more important that we focus on what is in our control. <center> Photo by Miriam Espacio from Pexels </center> My dear friend, Today, we had talked about COVID-19, wars, oppression and, of course, climate change. Naturally, you were saddened by our discussions. That makes me think if I can write something to cheer you up....

May 6, 2021 · Xing Shi Cai