I came across an interesting article A behavioral scientist’s advice for changing your life.

Here’s an excerpt

If you’re trying to develop a habit like working out regularly or writing each day, letting yourself have a little leeway is the way to make that habit stick.

If you know when you might procrastinate, impose a fine on your future self and commit to paying if you don’t follow through with your goals.

When we just look at when people choose to pursue healthy activities or start new goals, Mondays are a big motive

Making accountability public can be a powerful motivator — for good!

Quitting smoking or eating right for a month won’t magically make you healthy — lasting change requires lasting attention.

Basically, if you want to do better in a course, you can

  • Study whenever and wherever you can. It does have to be at exactly 🕦 or in the classroom.
  • Commit to flush some 💸 down the 🚽 if you don’t study today.
  • Change your 📆 so each day is a Monday. 😆
  • ✏️ a post on WeChat telling everyone that you will study hard. 🦾
  • Keep a 📓 of how you did everyday.