Throw All Things Away

On the First Semester of the First Year at DKU

This is advice which I gave to my new adivsees.

DKU bulletin

You should download DKU (Duke Kunshan University) bulletin, and go over it. Read carefully Part 3 The Curriculum and Part 6: Academic Procedures and Information. This will save you a lot confusion about how things work in DKU.

Also check out Part 10: Majors and Courses to narrow down majors which you are interested in. You don't have a decade at DKU to decide what you want.

Course Selections

According to Bulletin of DKU

In the first 7-week session of their first term, first-year students are restricted to a maximum of 8 credits (one four-credit course, one two-credit language course, and one additional two-credit course), plus one PE course.

The maximum number of credits a student can take in any subsequent 7-week session without special permission is 10 (two 4-credit courses and one 2-credit course) plus one PE course.

So I suggest that for each session, besides the mandatory courses, you take

  1. A four credit course – Something easy, e.g, a divisional foundational course, or a common core course.

  2. A two credit course – Something outside your main interest. If you don't like it, it's just two credits.

I do not recommend taking more than 8 credits in session 2.

Future Advising meetings

It is your responsibility to email me to set up meetings.

We should discuss course-selection a few days before the registration is open. Please come to me with a list of courses that you are considering for the next semester (two sessions). Email me your preference beforehand before our meeting.

We should also meet after the fist session to check out your progress and see if any changes are needed.

If you have any questions about your study at any time, feel free to email me. I am happy to help!

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