DKU bulletin: Embark on an Exciting Journey!

Download the DKU (Duke Kunshan University) bulletin and explore your path ahead. Delve into Part 3: The Curriculum and Part 6: Academic Procedures and Information. Don’t miss Part 10: Majors and Courses as it may spark inspiration for your future passions.

Course Selections: Your Path to Success

Your first term is filled with opportunities:

  • In the first 7-week session, you can embrace up to 8 credits including an engaging four-credit course, an exciting language course, and a PE course to keep you energized!
  • In the subsequent 7-week session, you can go beyond with up to 10 credits.

Consider these guidelines to make the most of it:

  1. A Four-Credit Course: Choose something welcoming like a foundational course, or a core subject.
  2. A Two-Credit Course: Discover something beyond your main interest to broaden your mind.

Remember, it’s your first semester! Embrace the joy of learning without overwhelming yourself.

Your Advising Meeting: We’re Here for You

When it’s time to register for each semester, we’ll schedule a meeting to explore the courses that pique your interest. Bring your thoughts and dreams; let’s build a plan together.

Have questions, concerns, or just need to chat? Feel free to contact me and set up a meeting anytime. Your success and well-being are my priority, and I’m thrilled to support you on this incredible journey!