Throw All Things Away

My Advice

Each year, I am assigned to some new DKU (Duke Kunshan University) students as their academic advisor. Here some advice I wrote for them (and other students):

  1. On the First Semester of the First Year at DKU

  2. My own blog (general advice)

Here are two websites I found very useful for any young student/people:

  1. 80,000 hours offers career advice. It has resources such as

    1. Career Reviews

    2. How to Be More Successful in Any Job

    3. Having a successful career with depression, anxiety, and imposter syndrome

  2. Effective Altruism (EA) Forum mostly discusses EA. But it also has many posts offering general advice, such as:

    1. Many Undergrads Should Take Light Courseloads

    2. Sleep: effective ways to improve it

    3. A guide to forming habits you'll keep

    4. Stress - effective ways to reduce it